I need a food mill

I can only think about food things I’ve done this week. Other things – the fall foliage is really preforming wonderfully, went lap swimming with the frisbee girls, and taught a yoga class, in addition to taking yoga classes. The class I took right after the class I taught was amazing.

But food, so much food! Well, not really so much, but did some cool stuff. Made some great granola stuff – apple pie granola and pumpkin chocolate chip granola bars for Spoon and maple granola with puffed spelt for home. Made a vegan puff pastry for the Oak Grove Eatery for their Vegan Thursday night, which is something they want to keep doing – vegan Thursdays, not necessarily the puff. The puff was for a Beet Wellington (heeheehee). It was tasty. After yoga, I went to OGrE (I really want to call the Oak Grove Eatery OGrE) to try some of the vegan night foods. I was only going to get one thing, but their Chef de Cuisine likes to take care of me, so I got to try all of it, which I really appreciate because its all great food. Then this weekend was totally wild! There were a few events at C.o.W. this weekend which brought in a lotta parents, so everywhere downtown was pretty busy. Probably not as busy as parent’s weekend will be in two weeks, but it was pretty consistently busy through the weekend. Would have been great if I had known to expect it and had made extra ciabatta buns the days before! Sunday I made triple batches of baguettes and ciabatta, double batches of seed, marbled rye (which is already a double batch), and the cinnamon raisin walnut bread. Plus Challah for home use. Sunday night dinner was delicious and/but small. Spicy and Cream Acorn Squash soup, fancy grilled cheese (whole grain mustard, prosciutto, apple, and brie on challah), and banana bread.

This morning I grabbed a half bushel of second apples to make into applesauce and applebutter soon, plus a couple pie pumpkins to either make into pumpkin pie and/or pumpkin butter. Which is why I need a food mill. Or a KitchenAid with special attachment.

EDIT: And, oh my gosh, how could I forget! Friday night, Raccoon and I gave a go at donuts. He wants to start a donut food truck sort of thing. Can’t give anymore away than that. But we’re trying to make perfect glazed donuts. Tried a James Beard recipe (found Beard on Bread at the second hand book store!)

Then, Saturday night, I met a major local entrepreneur. Runs the Wooster Inn restaurant/pub and he is looking to get local bread. So, now I have yet another reason to think about opening my own bakery. Because that’d be a lot of bread for Spoon to make. We would probably need multiple bakers per day.

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One Response to I need a food mill

  1. margaret Emerson says:

    dear Andy, When I read your blog I am always inspired to try making something new – tried grilled cheese with mustard and apple on whole wheat – good. You could open a bakery in Burnsville – only source of local bread here is the Saturday farmers market which has two bakers – one does wholewheat and the other does a chewy and crusty white – and if you don’t get there early it is all gone.
    I have an old fashioned hand crank food mill which I have probably had for 50 years. I will try to remember to bring it to you at Xmas. I seldom use it these days and I have a small one which will be good enough for my current food producing needs. Love, Gran

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