I don’t need a food mill, the Oak Grove has an industrial immersion blender!

This one is REALLY like a boat motor. Its wonderful. Really wonderful. At least as long as my arm. Looks more like a yard tool. I think I’m in love.

So, as I mentioned last week, I got a half bushel of apples and was searching for a way to make them into applesauce, hopefully without having to hand mill everything. Then I remembered that OGrE has an industrial sized immersion blender and asked if I could use it and they said yes and now all of my dreams have come true. On Thursday after work I cut up all of the apples (got a corer-wedger which saved me a bit of time), through them in our stock pot with a little water, cooked them down, until soft, blended into delicious, all natural, nothing added applesauce. Poured a bunch of it off into a crock pot, added fall baking spices, and let it go for oh… a little over 20 hours. The low on the crock pot was REALLY low, so the whole “overnight” thing didn’t do much at all. But, finished it Friday and now I have apple sauce and apple butter and they’re both delicious. On Sunday I used the apple sauce to make all natural, vegan, gluten free “cookies”. They were oat balls. But they taste good, I swear! Other people said so. Bananas, PB, apple sauce, oats, puffed spelt, and walnuts. Plus I made a little bit more today, or at least got some apple butter going.

On Wednesday I got to lead another yoga class and starting near the end of November, once the new studio is open, I will have my own class time! Mondays at 9:15a, plus a bunch of Wednesday nights. I’m getting pretty excited about it. And for my teacher training in January!

At work I roasted a couple butternut squashes (big uns) and now have pureed one of them to use in stuff. So far – butternut squash cheesecake bars and butternut squash chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. A soup should happen soon. Work as been very busy. Well, Sunday was very busy, but mostly I’m busy getting ready for this coming weekend – parents weekend at the college. Its going to be crazy. At least, according to past experiences. So I’ve been trying to make sure I have as much bread already baked as possible so we don’t run out. And neither does the Oak Grove. Should be fun.

Home cooking fun – maple-acorn squash granola and more spicy and cream squash soup. This weeks was an acorn/pumpkin combo with some roasted apple, onion, and garlic. Oh! and last night was OKONOMIYAKI! A Thai cabbage fritter pancake. Super tasty. Big thanks to Mud for introducing me to this fantastic cuisine. (Don’t worry, its pronounced exactly as it looks.)

Totally forgot to post yesterday. Didn’t even turn on the computer.

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