Parents Weekend!

So, this past weekend was Parents weekend (and an Open House on Saturday) at the college, so it was pretty darn busy weekend at Spoon. Luckily, we knew it was coming and I’ve been spending the past week and half making extra bread pastries so that we would definitely be ready for the business of the weekend. And we were! Even over prepared. Hooray. The OGrE fed about 250 people on Saturday and Spoon had a solid line from probably ten to three or so. Super busy. The thing I was most excited about having made was butternut squash cinnamon buns. Yum. Oh, and butternut squash and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

I’ve also been grabbing the “overripe” bananas from Buehler’s and making banana things at home – banana bread and oatmeal banana “cookies” mostly. I use quotation marks for “cookies” because they are vegan, all natural, gluten free, no added sugar. So… “cookies”… But the oatmeal banana bread turned out delicious the other day.

Last night was another great night for food. Made more Okonomiyaki (even better this time) and ramen with the Umami Bites guy and our respective roommates. (Correction from last week: okonomiyaki is Japanese, not Thai.) Had enough batter this time that the whole okonomiyaki held together very nicely on the flip and was super good with the a YumYum sauce and homemade okonomiyaki sauce (and smoked sausage and bacon). I’m super excited for Umami bites to serve it sometime in the near future. The ramen was great with semi-homemade Dashi (we couldnt spend a whole day on it). Lots of meat though. Way more meat than I’ve been eating recently. Bacon, smoked pork chop, and chicken.

Per usual, everything revolves around food, so I am trying to get to know some of my new friends better and present myself with some cooking challenges by inviting them to a dinner at which we cook a meal based on their favorite flavors, whether they go together normally or not. Make the flavors meld. Should be fun!

On the yoga front, I’ve been taking on a number of sub classes, about one a week so far, and will be getting my own class when the new studio opens in a few weeks! Its pretty exciting.

And I’ve been let a delightful book – The Man Who Ate Everything – a collection of essays by Jeffrey Steingarten, food editor for Vogue for a while. It is a lot of fun to read so far. Finally showed me the light on fruits and vegetables. All plants that we grow for food are vegetables. Their ovaries are fruits. So, yes a tomato is a fruit that grows on the vegetable tomato plant. Avocados are fruits. Green beans are fruits. Cucumbers, zucchinis, apples, oranges, pears, watermelons, pumpkins, and other squashes, not to mention all of the berries. All fruits. (And don’t forget that raspberries are just clusters of tiny stone fruits.) However, we typically call things fruits when they are sweet and can be eaten with dessert. Called a vegetable if you would only have it with the rest of the meal – salads, soups, entrees. Check it out sometime.

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