Let it Snow?

Yup, about four inches of snow overnight last night. Thankfully, we’re south of the lake effect here in Woo, but still surprising before Thanksgiving for Marylander. Its beautiful, but too early, like Christmas decorations and music, it needs to wait.

Fuzzy Fandango at camp was on Saturday, which means large quantities of granola bars. Made four full sheet trays worth (4×18″x36″) of different flavors:
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip
Apple Pie
Date & Walnut
Pumpkin & Chocolate Chip
It was a lot of granola bars, but it went well! There was less than a quarter of the bars remaining when I left, and the 50k runners had not even finished. I’m sure they returned with hearty appetites. To the surprise of no one, the PB and Chocolate bars were the most popular. Check out The Dark Chocolate Alchemist if you want to make your own for much cheaper than buying granola bars.

There was a lot of food fun this weekend outside of my normal work cooking. Made the granola bars Friday night before the race, then Saturday and Sunday were partially devoted to making desserts for #Dessert4Dinner. On Sunday, it was one of the UF girls’ birthday and I had realized that I hadn’t made a cake or anything in particular for two of the others’ birthdays, which had happened in October. So, I decided to cover all  of them at once with large quantities of sweet deliciousness. With no lack of help, I made Chocolate Texas Sheet cake (thanks Gaga!), Butternut squash and Pecan pie, Pavlova, and Raspberry Sorbet with Salty-Coffee-Chocolate chunks. Plus, the girls had some soups on hand and Raccoon made a Shepard’s Pie variation with smoked chicken, bacon, and mashed acorn squash and cauliflower. It was quite tasty. We ended the evening in a food coma watching Death at a Funeral. It was great.

The new yoga studio opened today! It is fantastic, which I can confirm after going to the first class today and a teacher meeting yesterday. We talked about logistics, took pictures, and played on the aerial yoga swings. Super excited for the aerial workshop I will be doing on Thursday morning! I’m also excited to teach a class every Wednesday starting in two days (besides next Wednesday) and every Monday starting in a week!

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