New Yoga Studio is Open!

So, Flex has been in the new studio for a week now and it is going really well! The Ballet Barre classes in particular are very well attended (and there is hard cap on them because we only have one wall with a bar), at least partially because its the only game in town. But, the class I taught on Wednesday night (an all levels, donation based class) drew 18 people! It was wild. In a really good way. Having such a large crowd forced me to really speak up (the room echos a bunch) and pretend to be confident, which in turn made me feel more confident. So, woohoo! My Beginners Basics class started this morning, and I’m really looking forward to having that to get up for. It seems like it will be a great way to start my week.

Weather’s been crazy, but you already knew that, I would guess. Snow and cold last week. Warmed up yesterday and today, but was quite windy today.

There was some good food in there – I keep going to Oak Grove’s vegan Thursdays and they never fail to disappoint. This week beer and squash battered onion rings was my favorite. Last week was a beet slider with avocado. They’re keeping it on the bar menu and I’m pretty excited about it. New sandwich (not vegan, for sure) that they’ll be putting out is a pastrami short rib on [Spoon’s] marbled rye with cheddar, grape seed mustard, and hopefully kraut, but pickled onions for now. So good.

Not a lot of stuff going on. Just getting ready for turkey day coming up.

And trying to exercise more with things that are not yoga – running and lifting.

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