Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope that yours was full of good food, good people, and good times. I know mine was. My family came out by Wednesday night to spend a few days in the Woo, seeing my life here. Had delicious meals at Spoon, the Oak Grove Eatery, and Broken Rocks, fresh apple cider donuts at Apple Hill Orchards, and saw St. Vincent (new movie with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy, not the terrific guitarist), all of which were really terrific. St. Vincent evokes emotions similar to Mr. Holland’s Opus. While having much more humor. For turkey day itself, we cooked in Spoon (thanks so much!), went for a stroll out at Wooster Memorial Park, and then joined 15 CoW kids for a potluck dinner. It was raucous, a little preposterous, delightful, and really delicious. We brought a turkey and two smoked pheasants (thanks to the butcher for smoking pheasants), bread, dressing, gravy, and pie and pumpkin cheesecake, but there were other dressings, soups, vegan casserole and burgers, cranberry sauce, and more pie. And a chicken. And mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower. And apparently there were several other dishes which had been prepared but never made their way onto the table or something. It went better than I think anyone expected it too! Plus we wrote haikus and played paper telephone. The old people went to bed and apparently they watched Lord of the Rings afterwards.

Now I have turkey stock to make (waiting for stock pot availability) and lots of turkey to turn into turkey mole. Yum! I look forward to it.

On Tuesday I took bread samples over to the Wooster Inn (an Inn/restaurant/Pub up by the college campus and a golf course). You may remember a month or so ago I met a guy in charge of the whole set up there. Last week the head chef gave me a call and asked me to bring some samples and prices over to see if they were down to switch over. Now, we’re waiting to hear what they think… I know the chef said he liked the bread, but we are definitely not as inexpensive as they get now. I’m excited and terrified. Cause it’d be a lot of bread. I’d probably end up working nights. Which I think I could work into my schedule. I don’t know I how I feel about sleeping in the middle of the day. But I could get up at 6p, exercise/be social, work, then do something before going to bed around 10 or 11a. Flip my schedule. Wee. Gaining the benefit of no one else needing to use the oven. Or having two bakers, everyday.

On Saturday afternoon, I got to go outside for bit around Shreve to look for hawks and herons and ducks and just be outside as it was no longer in the 30s. Then made food with some friends – breakfast burritos and peanut butter pie – and took the pie to a potluck at which only the host was hungry. So we all fed the host. And on Sunday night, joined people to help eat noodle bowls with the Umami bites guy. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm So good.

Food makes everything better.

And we finally clipped Prince Max’s talons, I mean claws.

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