Keeping on keeping on here in Wooster. Weather has been solidly not freezing, so that’s great!

Yoga is going well. Took an Assists and Adjustments workshop for instructors yesterday, which was really fantastic. Learned about different ways to give verbal cues for self-adjustments and lots of hands on assists for all kinds of asanas/poses. I used a lot of them this morning for my beginners basics class and it went well.

Onto cookies. It is the holiday season, which means it is time for holiday cookies. Time to indulge my addiction. I made, with the help of a few friends, chocolate covered pretzels, toffee bars, gingersnaps (chewy, not crispy, variety), chocolate chip, pizzelles, cut out sugar cookies, and Russian tea cookies. Gotta be honest, from this batch, the Russian tea cookies were definitely my favorite. They are so preposterously buttery and sugary, but mostly tender and buttery. Straight up magical.

This past week, also made turkey stock and then turkey mole (mol-ay), a family post-thanksgiving tradition. All of these delicious things were served last night to a few seniors and other friends in a delightful little get together. And more cookies will be used this coming Sunday at an ugly sweater pot luck! Super pumped.

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