Ugly Sweaters and Friends

Not technically a sweater... #Goodwill

Not technically a sweater… #Goodwill

So, I had to get that out there to start, just so its out there and out of the way. Now you know.

Spoon this week was pretty reasonably busy. Lunch rush has been really weird with no consistent pattern of being busy – some days it is and some days it isn’t. Whatchya gonna do? But, we have had a pretty steady stream of relatively small catering orders – mostly for cookies. But its definitely keeping me busy.

This past week I joined some of the staff from First Amendment lifting when the schedules line up. They go some mornings to the gym I recently joined (the gym where Flex Yoga used to be located which is owned and operated by the husband of the owner of 1A) to do circuits and some big lifts. Its been really good when the timing works. I greatly benefit from work out buddies.

Vegan night at the Oak Grove this week was quite tasty. The real winner – pumpkin gnocchi. Ohmygoodness. So light and fluffy they melt in your mouth. I can’t get over them. Just fantastic.

Friday brought more cookie baking – finishing up all of the dough I had made last weekend plus double chocolate chews (known here as crinkle cookies). This was in preparation for Sunday – a Wooster Festivus party. Put together by the owner of 1A and the Umami Bites food truck guy, we had a potluck, ugly sweater party (see the Vest above, I know its not a sweater, but when I found it and the turtleneck at Goodwill, I knew that I had to), white elephant gift exchange (themed “Inappropriate but Useful”), and general fun for all. Some holiday cheer if you will. I brought cut out cookies and a tub of butter cream frosting – and I mean a TUB. Probably three pounds worth. It was like chips and dip, but different. And it was much appreciated. After our time at 1A (where the party was), we drifted over the Wooster Brewery and brought the cookies. It was all lovely. Best part of the day, though, was a quick yoga session after work and before going to socialize. Had a lot of stuff to make at Spoon, so it was great to revitalize with some movement.

Yoga classes have been going well – the assists and adjustments are fun to employ and bring great reviews. In a month I’ll be in Costa Rica! So excited!

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