Merry Christmas! and I missed a week again…

Sorry! And now I have so much to try to remember…

Well, last Sunday I definitely went up to Akron for a Glow Flow yoga experience on the Winter Solstice. Longest night, so a studio up there (Bliss Yoga) decided to do a black light yoga session. It was pretty neat. A good warm room, sweaty flow, a lot of people close together (we had no choice but to touch our neighbors in a number of poses, and fortunately the instructor told us to, making touching the strange teenage girl to my left as directed by the instructor a level or two less creepy than it sounds). I went with another Flex person and we painted up a little with some glow make up, which unfortunately did not come through as well as I had hoped it would.

I found out about the Glow Flow when I went up to Akron on the Friday before to go to a Lululemon holiday “party” (which was weird) with three of the Flex instructors, and then out to The Rail afterwards. The Rail is primarily burger place that has three locations here in NE Ohio. It is run by the husband of the owner of Flex Yoga, and they focus on good, local beef. I hadn’t been to one before, so it was neat to go.

Before that, the only thing noteworthy that I remember is starting an Instagram account – not a quick way to get in touch with grandmothers or immediately convert from English to Metric units of measurement, but a social media app for sharing pictures and short videos. Its pretty darn popular, especially it seems among the yoga and baking communities (well, communities are being assembled with people from around the globe! Its exciting.) I’m using it for inspiration in both of those areas, which is why they seem particularly popular. It is used for so many things. If you want to follow me, search @fullybakedyoga. I’m happy with it so far.

Onto the past week. Lets see. Lots of cookies ordered for Christmas. Weirds me out. Why would people not make their own cookies?! I mean, c’mon. Nothing else too wild at the Spoon, except posting pics through the IG. And now I’m feeling a little motivation to get back at putting out some loaves that are different from the plain sourdough. We’ll see what happens.

On Christmas eve, I flew home by way of Cleveland and got to spend a few days with the family back in good ol’ Baltimore. Lots of food, lots of love, lots of people I don’t get too see much, and lots of giving. Presents, presence, food, love – the whole nine yards. Only downside looks like my acquisition of some pesky bug, only a sore throat so far. One of the cousins seems to be infecting his family, so it could be that, or just traveling by plane – great place to spread germs. Lots of fruit, tons of water and tea, Emergen-C, plans for much rest. Hopefully I’ll have this kicked before I leave for Costa Rica on the tenth for yoga teacher training! I am super excited for it! The other trainee who I am going with and I have been playing with a bunch of acroyoga poses to get ready, even though that’s not what we’ll be doing. (Acroyoga is usually two person yoga where one bases the other flies. Its really fun.)

I hope that you all have had a wonderful holiday and that you have a fantastic New Year! Remember, right now is the best time to start on those resolutions – don’t wait for the new year.

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