Oh. Its still winter.

Honestly, compared to last winter, what this one has given so far is just lovely. There is snow, but not unreasonable amounts, at least here. Its been cold, but not subzero regularly, at least here. I will definitely take it over the *scary music* polar vortex.

Getting back in the kitchen at work is nice. I do enjoy baking. Made a bunch of things with oats yesterday because we got a fresh bag of them in. Yay for granola! Oooh, and I made honey roasted peanut butter sometime mid week. Ohmygosh it is delicious. I don’t think I’ll ever be buying peanut butter again after making seed, walnut, and peanut butter myself. Its magical. Last night, there was family dinner in our humble abode. Others cooked, mostly, because most others don’t work on Sundays and had the ideas. Roasted a chicken after stuffing ground mixed nuts under the skin and filling it with blood oranges and herbs, then used the Dorie Greenspan Around my French Table cookbook method for roasting, which I would highly highly highly suggest. Put a few pieces of good bread in the bottom of a dutch oven, roast it at 450F for about an hour and half or until it reaches 165F. Let it rest before devouring. The bread is the best part. It gets soaked in chicken juices and super crispy on one side. Thus dubbed “chicken bread”, we’re gonna sell it as chips or something. The only question will be what to do with the thousands of chickens we roast to make chicken bread… There were roasted root vegetables, cold aged brussel sprouts (may have forgotten they were in the fridge for a couple months), braised kale, and the food truck guy brought curry and scallops. It was a feast!

Yoga classes are going well. Starting more classes this past week and over the next couple. On Fridays, I have added an evening “Open Mat” class, which is basically play time to work on whatever asanas/poses you’re struggling with among a supportive group of people. I’m expecting a lot of inversions and arm balances. Tonight, I start going over to ATI on Mondays with the Flex owner to teach a class there every other week. In February, we’re starting family yoga on Sunday afternoons and runner’s yoga I believe, plus some beginners workshops, which I’m looking forward to helping with. Plus, monthly acro yoga (multiple person asanas) workshops, which will be a blast! Finally, I’m going to do an afternoon class to help some of the kitchen folk get yoga in midday, after lunch and before dinner. I’m really excited about that one. Yoga for everyone!

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