Superb Owl

The Super Bowl actually played a very small role in my life this week, but I’ve got nothing else for a title.

Made a bunch of good stuff at Spoon this week. Specifically bonus things for play time because it was mostly pretty quiet, what with all of the snow and ice. *I would like to take this time to apologize for that, by the way. Clearly it was my fault because I said winter wasn’t that bad. But now we have beautiful snow!* Early in the week I made a couple batches of naturally leavened loaves special. One batch using 30% spelt flour and one with flaxmeal, cinnamon, and apple. Both turned out really well. So, spelt is type of wheat (relate to bread/hard winter wheat) with a higher protein content, but its gluten is more soluble/fragile due to the gliandin:glutenin ratio. This means you need to be more careful to NOT overmix breads made with it. Fortunately, making breads through the high hydration method I learned from Tartine Bread, it is very easy to not over mix doughs, what with the folds and all instead of kneading. They turned out like more beautiful versions of the country bread with a wonderfully open, cool, and moist crumb. For the other batch, I lowered the whole grain content, only used wheat, soaked the flaxmeal for a while with cinnamon and eventually salt, and mixed in fresh apple chunks. I didn’t get around to eating a loaf for five days, but it was still super cool and moist on the inside with just a hint of cinnamon. And SO SHINY.

I also made some Irish Soda Bread this week. Come St. Paddy’s day, Spoon is going to have a couple events, so I’m starting trying to find good recipes to use. Even got an Irish Cooking book from the library which is just delightful. On Thursday, a couple potatoes got cut open, but then not used (soup making), so I made them into baked potato chips. Really hoping that doesn’t become part of my job. But using a food processor with mandoline attachment definitely lowered the effort necessary. Salted the sliced taters, and let them sit to get water out. Then tossed them in oil and seasoning so they would pull the deliciousness in and baked them at 425F (convection) for about 8 minutes. Highly suggest it. Super salty. Mmm. Probably will be making them, though, for an upcoming AcroYoga workshop at Flex!

I’m really excited for that. A few of us have been practicing in preparation for the workshop, mostly for fun, but also with the hopes of teaching others. Acro, for me, is like dessert. There is always a little bit of space for some (like the dessert stomach). AcroYoga, like partner yoga, is done with two or more people and consists of positions for two (or more) people, counterbalances, and basing/flying. With a base/flyer, one person supports the other so that they can find new depth in a pose, perform it at a more exciting height, or make new shapes using two people. It takes a LOT of trust, communication, and mutual openness and forgiveness. It is also a LOT of fun. For instance, remember when you rested your hips on your fathers feet and pushed you up into the air so you could fly? That is AcroYoga. And, as a (mostly) base, the joy I get from supporting others so they can fly and learning how to better or more creatively support them is really immeasurable. Even if it doesn’t show on my face as we’re practicing. So, I’m pumped for that.

Great Sunday yesterday (SundayFunday!), even though we didn’t go to the Hayesville movie theater again. Worked all morning, but thanks the the prophetic blizzard that we’re supposed to get, it was rather quiet. Made a bunch of sweet things to start getting ready for Chocolate Daze/Days/Dayz/Tour. I’m not really sure which it is. Everyone makes chocolate things downtown for a weekend to help people not feel bad about buying a ton of chocolate foods. And by “start getting ready for”, I just mean palate teasing. Made peanut butter chocolate double layer brownies – bottom layer PB brownie with chocolate chips and the top layer chocolate brownies with peanuts. Should be great. Double chocolate muffins (its a muffin, so you can eat it for breakfast). Fruit packed oat muffins (vegan and gluten free, or as close as I can make it gluten free in a kitchen full of flour). Came across a recipe for orange date muffins in which you chop up the whole orange, peel and all! So I had to give it a try. Orange, dates, shredded apple, raisins, coconut milk, orange juice, silk, roasted seeds, oats, flax… Should be healthy and tasty! Oooh, right, and earlier this week I made peanut butter cookies with the honey roasted peanut butter I made at spoon. Mmmmmmmmmm. Definitely the best PB cookies I’ve ever had. Then, after work, I joined up with some friends and went down to Mohican State Park to rock out a little hike in the snow! It was beautiful. And great to get outside for a nice walk. We built a snowman (the snow was perfect for packing), threw snow boulders over the edge of bridge onto the frozen lake below, investigated the ice cave below Little Lyons Falls, and hiked the frozen stream back. Just fantastic! Back in Woo, made a family dinner of spaghetti carbonara, steak, and roasted cauliflower before making it down to the Brewery to catch the last quarter of the game. Don’t worry, I watched the halftime show this morning. Ridiculous. I really enjoyed what they did with the tv screen floor, though. That was really neat.

This coming weekend has a lot in store, too, potentially. Besides being chocolate daze (I’m going with daze because we’ll definitely be dazed), The Studio on Liberty (other yoga place in Wooster) is hosting a Saturday night partner yoga and thai massage workshop, which I’m hoping to go to despite lacking a partner… Saturday night is a busy time for all of my friends, being in the restaurant biz, so I asked the woman who owns the studio if she knew of anyone else who was looking to participate in the workshop but did not have a partner. She said that she might know someone! Fingers crossed. Might find out tonight. Then, on Sunday, Flex is hosting an Ashtanga teacher from Columbus to do a whole primary series and then a workshop later. I’ll be doing the primary series (~two hours) but will unfortunately have to miss the big workshop because there is a staff meeting at Spoon that evening. Whomp. Tell you about it in a week!

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