Chocolate Daze and Yoga Fun!

What a week! So many chocolate products – double chocolate muffins, double chocolate cherry crinkle cookies, red velvet cake and cake balls, chocolate cupcakes with maple bourbon bacon frosting, chocolate croissants, peanut butter and chocolate brownies, everyone’s favorite chocolate chip cookies, and a chocolate beer bread for four special sandwiches. Woof. I feel like there was probably more… but I’m still dazed. For the Saturday night tasting, we dipped all kinds of things in chocolate – strawberries, raspberries, clementine pieces, bacon, andouille sausage, and homemade potato chips (gosh I hope making potato chips doesn’t become part of my job). So much chocolate. Woof.

Yoga Fun! There was a lot this weekend. On Saturday night, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to participate in a (technically, as advertised) “Couples Valentine Day” partner yoga and thai massage workshop at the other yoga studio in town. Now, as I don’t have a couple/partner and most of my friends who might be interested work on Saturday nights (restaurant biz), I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get to join in the fun. BUT! I asked the woman who owns the studio/was running the workshop if she knew if anybody else was in a similar situation of being interested in the workshop but partnerless (for whatever reason). Luckily, one of the other teachers at the studio (who I had met through camp people previously) was up for it! It was an awesome experience. Since being raised in a home where learning to work muscles out of shoulders was important and LOVING back scratches, I have discovered that I really enjoy intimate touch in a way which isn’t erotic. Both giving and receiving, but especially giving. Assisting in yoga class, giving massages, back scratches, head rubs, etc… just finding ways to make other people feel good and comfortable and just better in general. Its amazing. Plus, people tell me I’ve got a good touch, so it makes me feel good, too! So, anyway, it was great. Had a warm up flow first, did some partner poses, and then each had about an hour giving and an hour receiving the thai massage. Thai massage is more full body style of massage, where the person giving the massage manipulates the massagee’s body using their hands and feet (mostly) to really get into different places. So cool! Plus some breath synchronization made it really wonderful experience.

Then. Then! Sunday morning, Flex brought the level two authorized ashtangi from Columbus, Taylor Hunt. An ashtangi being an individual who practices ashtanga yoga, the “grandfather” of modern yoga. In ashtanga, one practices the same sequence everyday except Saturdays and “moon days” (full and new moons). In the sequence, there a prescribed number of poses and breaths that you take with the poses. Typically, one practicing the series will go as far into the sequence as he/she can performing the asanas correctly. Once you can’t get a pose, you finish and are done. Then the next day you do it again, going as far as you can, not skipping over poses, and do it everyday until you can do the whole sequence perfectly. Then, you can move onto the second series. And then the third. And finally the fourth. Each one more challenging than the previous. The idea is that the sequence stays the same, so the only thing which changes in your yoga practice, is you. And now I think its really interesting and I would like to try to start practicing. Which could mean starting to practice before I work at Spoon. Everyday. We’ll see how it goes. It’ll mean bed time at 8 or so… But I feel like practicing before work would be really nice. It has some really neat poses, which are difficult, but really neat.

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