Where’s my Tauntaun?

We got more snow. I bet you did, too. On… Saturday, yeah, it was Saturday, there was definitely a white out going on outside with the wind the small size of the flakes. It was pretty wild. But, at least business was still pretty good downtown on Valentine’s Day despite that. Interesting treats we made at Spoon: red velvet cinnamon buns and red velvet chocolate chip cookies. I mean, what else is red? I think there were cup cakes and cut outs and other things, but those two were red, which means Valentine’s Day.

My days have been extra early, and so have my nights. Getting up at 3:30a to practice Ashtanga at 4a before I work at 6a. Which means going to bed around 8:30p. Woo. Party animal here. The set back, for my Primary Series, has been hip flexibility (so far), namely, being able to lotus my legs, together or individually. So, after warming up with some Sun Salutation As and Bs and the Fundamental series, I pretty much go immediately into a hip opening series which a friend shared with me. Just looking for progress. Maybe my bones aren’t set up in a way that would allow me to lotus my legs. But, I can keep working and trying and see what shows up. Heck, today, I got a bent arm press from straddle fold to handstand and was able to hover in planche very briefly. Practice and all is coming, so I’m going to keep practicing.

I’m also making my schedule more busy. In March I’ll be helping with a runner’s yoga on Monday nights through the local running store, adding a Family Yoga on the first and third Sunday of every month, and a Power Vinyasa Flow on Saturday afternoons. Its gonna be wild. The thing I am most excited for is this Friday’s AcroYoga workshop, though. Its gonna be a blast! Its so much fun. Thankfully, training the new bakers is going well, So, that will be nice to have available as back up.

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