I think they’ve given up on school forever.

Seriously. There have been two days of school for most kids around here since Thursday, February 12th. I’m sure kids and parents are going insane. Luckily, Ms. Bosslady at Flex is eager to find things for everyone’s children (including her own) to do on these cold and/or snowy days. Today and on Friday we added a few extra kids classes. Mostly aerial, but also a dance fun time and a fitness one with they guy who owns the gym nearby. HUGE turn outs. Its been wildly entertaining. And the kids absolutely LOVE it, especially the aerial. You’ve probably seen kids on the playground – always trying something new, something that their parents probably consider rather dangerous, but experimenting with how their physical bodies interact with the world around them. Making shapes, flipping over and under, hanging, swinging… whatever feels good and exciting. And that’s pretty much exactly what you’re time in the silks is like. So, if you ever get a chance, give aerial yoga a try.

Acro yoga is equally awesome for some similar but also some different reasons. On Friday night, we hosted the Acro/Partner workshop at Flex and it was just so much fun. Sixteen couples/pairs showed up to practice with us, everyone got a bunch of poses, and had a great time. Acro is wonderful because you do get to go upside down and find new ways into challenging shapes, and ways into shapes that you might not be able to get without the partner, and you do all of it only through the support of another person. Or, as a base, you get to help someone fly! It is such a blast. Hopefully, this will become a somewhat regular occurrence. Our participants sounded like they wanted it to be so.

In my personal yoga world, I’ve been seeing little bits of progress, which pop up on my Instagram if you’re following me there (@fullybakedyoga), but I’ve found some more handstand stability and gaze shifting, as well as getting one foot behind my head at time, but not very easily, yet. On Tuesday, I went to a Mysore style class up in Cleveland. Mysore is the city in India where the Institute for Ashtanga Yoga is located, and where one has to go to get authorized to teach Ashtanga officially. In a Mysore style class, you do you’re own practice in the presence of an authorized teacher and they assist you and correct you and guide and lead you as much as you need/want. It was a really neat experience. Assists are SO amazing and can one much deeper into a pose than you could imagine yourself going. Love it.

In the bread world, I’ve been doing a bunch of trials getting ready for upcoming bread classes. I’ve got two at the local kitchen store coming up and a big St. Patty’s day event at Spoon. Soda bread, 100% whole grain loaves, and Irish desserts have been getting some air time. Interesting dessert trial was Barmbrack, an Irish, yeast-leavened fruit cake variation, basically. Would definitely be great spread with butter.

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