Didn’t even have time to post last Monday, and then I just said, hey, I’ll wait.

My schedule is now solidly: wake up at 3:30a to practice Ashtanga Yoga at 4a (except saturdays and Moon days, then I can sleep in until 5:20a), bake at Spoon at 6a, teach or go to yoga sometime in the evening, probably eat food, go to bed at 8p. Except on Mondays and Fridays, when I don’t work at Spoon, then I can sleep in until 6, practice, teach, and what not. On Fridays I have started volunteering at Local Roots (so I have a membership there). Local Roots is a wonderful co-op shop in Wooster which works with producers and consumers to keep food, arts goods, and money local. It is really great. I get to help in the kitchen doing prep work for the cafe. Good, fun, passionate people.

I now teach up to 8 yoga classes in a week (actually, this coming week I’ll probably end up with 9 as I sub’d this morning). Monday mornings and some nights (every other one at OARDC/ATI and this month only for the running club), Wednesday afternoons and evenings, Friday nights, Saturday afternoons, and some Sunday afternoons. Just added a Power Vinyasa Flow class on Saturdays, which should be a lot of fun! And Sundays have a family yoga class. The first one was pretty alright, but it snowed pretty heavily, so hopefully the next ones will have more families.

At Spoon, we’ve started a new round of specials, this time staring sandwiches on Brioche, Brioche Lardon, and English muffins, so lots of bread making going  on. Plus, its getting nice out again (hooray hooray!!!), so we’ll probably be seeing a little more action. I’ve also been working on teaching the new baking employees how to make the naturally leavened breads, so hopefully I’ll have them on top of that action soon enough. That’ll be really helpful. Somedays I get in and feel like they’re just helping us tread water with bread and other baked goods, not moving us forward. But then, I realize that they might be feeling like they can only tread water, too. So, looking for them to become more comfortable and ways I can help them do that. Cheers to bread.

Last Monday, I taught a bread class back at Today’s Kitchen Store, basic, commercial yeast leavened loaves. Made a white loaf, a whole wheat loaf, and the class No-Knead loaf. It was fun, small, and delicious. Hopefully some of them will want to come back in April for my naturally leavened bread class!

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