I wouldn’t mind if Spring would stick around…

Another busy week AND the air doesn’t hurt my skin when I’m outside, so that’s pretty great.

Taught 8 yoga classes this week – 4 on Monday and would have taught a ninth if anyone showed up for my Restaurant Yoga on Wednesday. It is such a vitalizing experience. Especially when I can tell that the class that I’m teaching is landing with the students. Often it really doesn’t feel that way.  I know I can’t trust their faces to show how they feel about class (when they’re working hard, they do not look happy…), so it is great to hear after class that it was good experience for them. On Friday night, Open Mat was a great success, only had 4 people, but we did some acro playing and had an AWESOME time finding some poses and almost finding some others. My Saturday Power Vinyasa class doubled in size (from two to four people, I’ll take it). And my Sunday Family Yoga was an absolute blast! Five family groups (16 people) showed up with kids ranging in age from about 5 to 15 (guesstimate), we went through a flow, did some balancing, a little acro, and some group/partner stretching and even the 15 year old boy had a good time. That one I could see on his face clear as day when we went from the warrior vinyasa flow into trying out some crow pose (bakasana). He was thrilled that he landed it. So much fun to see the families doing poses together. I really hope that they carry it off of the mat.

The only thing exciting that showed up in my person practice this week was the bind on one side of my Marichyasana C (seated, spine long, right leg extended, left leg pulled in with the knee up, sole of foot flat on the ground about a hand width from the right inner thigh. Twist left, reach the right arm around the outside of the left leg and the left arm around the back to grab the right hand. Its a great spinal twist and IT band stretch.) It only sounds a little more complicated than it actually is. Additionally, another one of the teachers at Flex has decided to start joining me in the mornings for Ashtanga practice, and we might be having some client additions as well. Its getting exciting. I guess I’ll have to go to Mysore someday. Oh! Plus I went to a couple Ballet Barre classes. Definitely a new kind of exercise that I think could really help my hips open. They feel rather warm and loose afterwards. I’m glad my mom went/goes to Barre classes and made me a little more interested in trying!

At Spoon, we had an Irish dinner on Saturday night which was pretty fun. I only stayed for a little bit because I had to get to bed so I could get up Sunday morning for my Ashtanga practice. BUT I made a few loaves Irish Soda Bread for it (brown bread and American style), Irish Whiskey cake, and Bakewell Tart. Bakewell tart is pretty amazing – puff pastry crust in a pie dish, jam, and cake. I mean, woah. And soda bread is great with some extra butter. Mmmm butter… Love me some butter. And tomorrow I’ll be making some more soda bread loaves for Oak Grove’s special St. Paddy’s day dinner menu. Their bread is getting some cheese in it.

Thanks for reading! Cheer for Spring!!!

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