Dear Ohio

I’m sorry for the past week. Its my fault. I spoke too soon. Pretty much immediately after publishing that last post I noticed it was snowing outside. Talk about bad karma… haha. And then it was cold again. Sigh. No more comments about the current weather.

Nothing too wild this week. Except that I got my legs lotused! Which is pretty exciting. (Lotus being both feet on top of the thighs.) Something a lot of kids do easily, but gets a lot more difficult as you get older. Practice and all is coming. Its so nice finding progress, especially the largely noticeable bits of progress. Most of the progress you find comes in tiny little pieces, which is hugely important to recognize and appreciate, but its far more exciting when they’re easier to see.

And, my mom was in-state! Got to see her on Wednesday when she attended my evening yoga class and on Saturday when I helped her and her Fit for Art Patterns companions tear down their expo stand. It was delightful.

Made some yummy tortillas both at local roots while volunteering and at home for good food times. Local Roots is hoping to make their own tortillas from local goods to use in wraps and stuff for the cafe. Its exciting to be a part of it!

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