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Too tired to come up with a more worthwhile title. A lot happened this past week.  I taught a lot. A lot. I haven’t gotten to just attend a yoga class in over a week I taught so much. I’m looking forward to tonight’s class very much. Last week the Flex office manager and one of the main teachers was away on vacay, so I sub’d for three of her classes, plus another class. So, from Monday to Wednesday I taught seven classes, then had my Friday and Saturday ones as well. It went well, but it was a lot.

On Thursday, I taught a bread class at Today’s Kitchen Store, which went plenty well. The attendees were into it, interested, asking questions, and enjoying the food. They all wanted to take some starter of their own home. Hope I get some pictures back of the bread they make! But it was small, only 5 people. Too bad more couldn’t learn.

Then on Friday, I got to go down to camp to help out for the morning, seconding on the Ropes Course (woohoo!). It was cold and muddy and windy, but lots of fun. And the weather cleared up right after the kids left, which was very nice of it. So I did some yoga outside. Mmm.

With it being nice out, people are willing to leave their homes and go other places to eat food, so it is getting busy at Spoon again. Plus, it appears a lot of people are having events, so there is lots of extra stuff to make as well. Oof.

Oh yeah, and on Sunday I got to go out to Spangler and walk around for a while! It was delightful. We found a large cluster of wild ramps really just asking to be eaten. Too bad we can’t harvest from the park…

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