Busy Season

Seriously. Its busy season for restaurants. And getting busier. Everybody coming outside after a long cold winter of hiding in doors. I’ve gotta make over 400 cookies this week for special orders. Ooof. The college is a major provider of business for us now – senior project presentations and graduation (in a couple weeks) hit us hard. Its gonna be a crazy few weeks, making as much extra bread as possible. Fortunately, Oak Grove is switching over to using challah instead of sourdough for their stuffed french toast which will definitely save time. Additionally, the trainee bakers are definitely coming along well. Hooray!

Yoga has been going well, but its actually been relatively quiet around the studio the past couple weeks. The nice weather takes people outside doing active things which aren’t yoga. Which is good for them, but occasionally concerning. Looking at more workshops soon, which should help. Acro basics and acro vinyasa the first two Fridays in May, then I’m going to be leading a six part Sun Salutation workshop series leading up to the summer solstice. Should be a blast!

Been making a bunch of grilled cheese at home (quick, easy, delicious dinner) using as many local ingredients as I can. My sourdough, cheese and butter from Local Roots, and maybe apples, greens, or whatever else looks good that’s around. Terrific

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