Poo happens OR Reminders to slow down

Sometimes, lots of things go against your hopes. But you gotta roll with what you’re dealt and find the good in what you do have. Three small down turns this past weekend – sore throat for me, phone stopped charging, and the mixer at Spoon stopped working (then we got another mixer magically, which didn’t work). Just bam. Definitely making me slow down. Lots of tea and soft foods. Just started gargling salt water, so that’ll be a blast. Woo.

The fun part of having the mixer go poo was that I got to walk everything across the street to the City Square Steakhouse to mix the doughs. Wee. Actually went pretty smoothly. Combined all of the ingredients at Spoon, walked them over, added water, mixed them up, brought them back. Not optimal, but not awful.

Yoga challenges on instagram are a blast right now, though! I’m doing two – #YogiARTWERK and #OhThePlacesYou’llCrow . ArtWerk gives you a theme and you pic a pose to do for that theme and OhThePlaces gives you a pose to which you present with a poem, preferably Seussical! They’re a lot of fun.

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