The Blog Awakens or My First Day in India

Hey All! Sorry (not sorry) for the sabbatical. I just felt like I didn’t have enough new and interesting things to say, so I didn’t want to write. BUT, I am spending the next three months studying at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India and then traveling a bit, so I’m thinking I will have some more things to say!

Quick update:
About three months ago I applied and was accepted to the KPJAYI. About two weeks ago, I left Wooster, OH, Spoon Market, and Flex Yoga indefinitely/permanently. I went home for the holidays and then flew here to Mysore. I’ve become much more active on Instagram, meeting people through it and becoming part of the yoga community there. It is a lot of fun. (check me @fullybakedyoga if you don’t already)


Those odd hills


Travel to Mysore. Pretty simple, two planes and a taxi. Dulles to Abu Dhabi, 12 hours in the air. Long flights are always such a blast. Watched Sicario which was a pretty wild ride. About 7 hours in Abu Dhabi airport where I met another yogi on their way here from Argentina. Abu Dhabi to Bangalore, only four hours in the air plus a beautiful sunrise over the Indian ocean and a quick tour of different Indian landscapes. Not terribly unlike flying over the US, but two things stood out most. 1) The farm land was less rigidly organized – flying over crop country in the US you see lots of very consistently shaped boxes that each grow their crop, but here I saw a variety of quadrangles, interspersed with trees. 2) These really interesting hills which must be formed by erosion in someway. I hope to learn about them!
Sunrise on the Indian Ocean
Finally, ended with a taxi ride from Bangalore (Bangaluru) to Mysore. Definitely the most adventuresome part of the travel as anyone who has been in a wheeled motor vehiclein a country in South East Asia. I would look at it as a very colorful and noisy chaotic ballet between the cars, motorbikes, trucks, and rickshaws. Hilarious, terrifying, and beautiful all at once. And to be clear, I have no desire to join it as a driver. Ever. But I think I have learned that here the horn is used to mean “I am here and I am going to be taking the right of way, so move if you don’t want to be hit”, but said in a way that sounds friendly. (Additionally, the number of f***s given per capita is astoundingly low. Nobody seems concerned about how close vehicles pass each other and pedestrians.)
Along the way, we stopped for breakfast where apparently many people stop. I had just been fed on the plane, so I told the driver I was not hungry, but I guess he had skipped breakfast… haha! Then we had to make our way through Bangalore, I guess the “Beltway” is not a used concept here, so it made thankful to just have a taxi because a, there is obviously no way I would have survived transversing it on my own, and I think finding the right bus, even with a taxi to take me there, would have been sufficiently confusing. Lots of on going road work and so many speed bumps! They’re everywhere and they’re huge! It took at least an hour, probably two to feel like we were actually out of the city. I have no idea when it “ended”. Then the road was a little more open and straight and the sun was a little hotter,  and I was a little more tired, so with the help of time travel in the form of brief unintentional naps, we made our way to Mysore. With one stop along the way for a coconut! Yum. And hydrating! Mostly liked the hydrating part, flavor was uninteresting to me.

Finally in Mysore, I was brought to my apartment, which is simple and open (with an accessible roof top!). One of my roommates is already here, a woman from Paris who will also be studying with Saraswathi, and the other arrives tomorrow. Both are staying for two months, so I will apparently get two more female roommates when they leave. Hopefully none of them are distressed to learn they have a male roommate, apparently that part wasn’t discussed unless brought up by the applicant to the room, haha. We each have private bedrooms and bathrooms, though, so it shouldn’t be a problem!

Moved in, Paris and I (I think I will call them by their city or country of origin, as long as there is no overlap haha) went to register at the shala for our time here. Basically, check in and pay for your first month. I realized, thankfully before I just walked up and tried to check in, that I had totally forgotten to bring everything I needed to check in except the money. *facepalm* Fortunately, services to acquire those things are readily available and inexpensive here. Like, I got passport photos taken for less than $1 US, minimum 8 printed. I got things copied and printed, four pages, two of which were in color, for less than a $1, too. Its great. After the running around and finally getting registered, it was time for food! Delicious smoothie sat Anu’s Cafe and rice and beans for dinner, I’m sure that’ll be a rare meal over here…. haha.

Today is a rest day for me and practice starts tomorrow with Led Series. So, we’re going to get shown around a bit, hopefully meet some more cool yogis, and get a good night’s sleep! (The bed is, well… very firm lets say…) I’ll probably come back in about a week to let you know how everything is going. Saturdays being rest and oil bath days.

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One Response to The Blog Awakens or My First Day in India

  1. Margaret Emerson says:

    Dear Andrew, I’m so delighted you are going to blog again – I look forward to your tales of Indian and yoga adventures – the only way I will get to experience either – better vicarious than not at all. Am sure rest and oil bath? will be welcome after endless flying. A treat to see you ever so briefly at Xmas. Winter has finally arrived here – 22 degrees this am. Flowering trees and bulbs confused. Me too. Love,Gran

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