Three Weeks in Mysore

I did get to add Garbha Pindasana and Kukkutasana this week to my practice, so I’m hoping for the Konasanas this week (fingers crossed). Baddha konasana (bound angle pose – you would probably recognize it as the butterfly stretch), Upvistha konasana (open angle pose – a seated straddle fold and then you lift your legs up to balance around your sit bones, holding onto the outsides of your feet and looking up), and Supta konasana (reclining angle pose – roll back onto your shoulders, pointing your butt straight up into the air, spread your legs wide, and grab your big toes with straight arms). And maybe some more. Trying to decide if it is appropriate for me to ask Saraswathi if I can get the next pose or not…

An exciting moment came this week when Taylor (teacher I was studying Ashtanga with in Ohio) asked if I could help out with a video he is making to help instructors with adjustments for several primary and intermediate series postures. It was a neat experience! He did an introduction to the video while a couple people went through poses in the background. Then, we went through a dozen or so poses where one of us would enter a pose or begin to enter a pose and Taylor would then adjust us into or deeper into the pose. Hopefully I’ll get some screenshots from the video to use at some point in the future, fingers crossed. Taylor put me most of the way into Kapotasana (from your shins, reach up, back, and over head, eventually grabbing your heels), which surprised me because I was pretty sure my backbend wouldn’t be deep enough to get my hands onto my feet at all. I’ll share a picture if I get one. We also did
Padangusthasana (forward fold),
Upvistha trikonasana a and b (triangle and revolved triangle),
Prasarita Padottanasana C (straddle forward fold with hands bound behind the back),
Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (standing hand to big toe pose),
Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana (bound half lotus forward fold),
Marichyasana A, C, and D,
Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana (tortoise and sleeping tortoise pose),
Pasasana (noose pose – intermediate series – a squat with a twist and a bind around both legs and the back),
Bhekasana (frog pose, laying on your belly, pull your heels into your hips and push your feet to the floor while you lift your heart in a backbend),
Laguvajrasana (little lightning bolt pose, hold onto your shins, lift your heart and hips, engage your thighs and reach your head back until the crown of your head touches the ground),
Urdhva Dhanurasna (wheel pose),
and dropbacks (drop back from standing into wheel pose).
It was a great time! And we went back to Jwala afterwards, a punjabi restaurant in town.

Conference with Sharath this week was good. He talked about the importance of dristhi (point of focused gaze) in practice. Then he answered a bunch of questions that were all over the place including how to use yoga to help children with genetic afflictions like autism or deafness, how parents worry way more about leaving their kids at home to practice while their kids will love it, and the best ways to get dosas in town. It was a fun one.

See you next week!

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One Response to Three Weeks in Mysore

  1. Mo says:

    Hi Andy,
    How have ya been buddy!? so happy to read about all the progress your attaining. Seems, from my perception at least, (don’t have a true gauge to base on) you are progressing pretty quickly through asana practice. Glad to read you have moved passed Mari D. Sounds like and from what I see on ig you are having an amazing experience on and off the mat. Happy for you brother and look forward to reading future updates and enjoyed finally catching up on the last 3 weeks.

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