4 Weeks in Mysore

One month. I’ve been here for a month. Its been a good month. And I’ve got two more! Not everyone does. At the end of a month and the beginning of the next month there is big turn over in the yogi population. People leaving, people arriving. Saraswathi’s shala has been pretty quiet the last week. Very short line to get in, unlike the beginning of the month, so we’ll see what happens starting this next week if a bunch more people start showing up! I register for February and got my new practice times! 5:30a on Sundays for led primary, and 4:30a Monday-Friday. Its gonna be a whole new practice and I am looking forward to it.

Progress in my practice this week included the addition of Baddha Konasana and Upvistha Konasana. Baddha Konasana is going to be hard one to deepen. The external hip rotation is really intense for me because of what is tight on me. I got an assist in it on Thursday and it was terrifying. It definitely brought up fear. As much as I tried to breathe and release the tension that was there, I could feel myself just resisting and clenching more. I must have a lot subconscious imprinting on them. Practice and it’ll come. I should look into some acupuncture or fire cupping or get a massage or something to help it along.

Other interesting things from this week. Officially learned where Secret Breakfast is (and have a plan to go back to it tomorrow, because its great), also got my first onion dosa here which was delicious, and made some tasty empanadas today! Really tasty. Wheat dough made with some ghee and honey. Filled with Mexican-Indian fusion goodness: spinach sauteed with garlic, onion, and Indian spices and mixed with sweet coconut rice, masala potatoes, a couple with paneer, and a couple with peanut butter and banana. They were delicious and will definitely happen again, hopefully with a different grain dough. Try some of that Ragi goodness. And maybe one of these days I’ll come across someone with an oven I can borrow, haha.


Empanada deliciousness

Otherwise the day to day isn’t too wild or exciting. Get up, practice, maybe take some pictures, eat, relax, meet up with people. That’s about it. See you next week!

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