5 Weeks in Mysore

Two big changes this week, neither of which include adding poses… I got a new practice time – 4:30a! Which means that I’m up at 3a and at the shala by 4a. I’m there for the opening chant with Saraswathi, which is nice. The room is much cooler at that hour, which I’ll be very grateful for that come March when it gets hotter! Plus, I’m out before sunrise, which is fun to watch!

Second, I started working at Anokhi’s Garden Cafe, a western style breakfast (pancakes, eggs and toast, muesli, fruit, and yogurt, etc…) place open Thursday-Sunday. As a part time work exchange waiter, I help out for four and a half hours (8-12:30) two days a week for meals on those days. Friday was quiet and easy, so everything went very smoothly. Today was much more interesting. Because Sharath has conference on Saturday mornings, business gets aggressively condensed into the hour and a half after conference. Totally packed, orders flying left and right, coming out of basically just a beefed up home kitchen. It was wild and fun, especially watching the people who run it go from normal, hospitable attitude to running a busy kitchen mode. Its always a fun transition to watch. But the important part is that the attitude works. Food gets made fast and well.

Saraswathi has yet to give me Supta Konasana, to get beyond Upvistha Konasana, so I’m focusing on being content with that and improving everything else about my practice as much as I can. Focus on dristhi and movement with the breath in particular.

Up coming events of great interest: helping host a backbend pose focused challenge on Instagram this week and hopefully going to Bylakuppe, a town with a Buddhist temple a couple hours drive or bus ride away, on Monday. Should be fun!

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