Six Weeks in Mysore

Wow, six weeks? Its hard to tell how long it feels like… Doing, give or take, the same thing every day every week makes time fly, or at least make it pass in a strange fashion where as it feels like its flying and not passing at the same time.

I was given Supta Konasana this week! But I also felt a little tweak on the outside of my left knee in Garbha Pindasana on Thursday which means taking it easy on lotusing as I go forward. Lots of body listening.

Interesting things from the week:

Monday was a New Moon Moonday (and Chinese New Years Eve), so a few of us went to Bylakuppe, the Tibetan Buddhist Temple and Monastery an hour and a half drive or so from Mysore. We walked around, saw beautiful artwork all over the temple walls, roofs, and statues, listened to chanted prayers by the resident monks, and tried to meet up with a student monk one of the people we traveled there with is sponsoring. That was an entertaining and unsuccessful challenge. First, we tried to find the dorm where he was living. When we fortunately we did, we had to figure out which one he was out of the eight or so individuals with the same name he was. Magically, all with the help of monks, we figured that out and contacted him. But, it turned out he was actually near Mysore for a month or so. Haha. Too wild. The prayer chanting and the art work was really incredible.



I also got to play with a bunch of other yogis outside on a couple occasions. On Wednesday afternoon I played on a rooftop doing a little work on poses that need help, a little acro, and a little inversion and flight fun. Then last night I got a whole evening of acro fun with some folks over at Anokhi’s. It was great! I got to both base and fly a bunch of different postures and movements. We all had a blast!

And as it turns out, Saturday’s at Anokhi’s are always exciting. Sharath’s conference got moved from Saturday to Thursday afternoon, so there was no break in the middle of the morning. And it was still busy pretty much the whole time. Which was fun and exciting! Who doesn’t love a busy restaurant when everything still goes well?

Plus the Instagram challenge I’ve been hosting is going well! The Heartbreakers are kind to each other and posing well. And sometimes listening to the hosts, haha. Have a lovely Valentine’s weekend!

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