Seven Weeks in Mysore

Another week down and I feel like I was just here writing. Time is just flying by! It’s weird.

Ooh, steps forward in asana practice! Added Supta Hasta Padangusthasana early in the week and then later in the week Saraswathi told me I get to start standing backbending next week! Ohhhh buddy. Things are going to start changing! Which also means I get to add the rest of the poses through the end of the primary series – Ubbhya Padangusthasana, Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana, and Setu Bandhasana. Woohoo! Although my knees have been feeling rather tight, so I have stayed gentle on the lotus stuff, but I actually find myself missing it, which I did not expect. I hope they feel good enough that I can start pushing it again. Unfortunately, today working at Anokhi’s, I slipped on a little bit of mud and knocked the front my knee, right below my patella, into a large plant pot. Now its tight and swollen and I can’t wait to watch it change colors. Yay…

Anokhi’s was rather quiet on Friday. And then pretty busy on Saturday, but it didn’t feel as insane as others had. I need to make time to use the oven over there. Talked to one of the fully time work exchange guys who has been trying to use yeast to leaven pizza dough, and he was saying it hasn’t been cooperating for him. No rise at all, even though the yeast proofs and appears to activate in the water. Now I just want find if it can work! A conundrum to deconfound. Totally a word now. Deal with it. Is it the flour here? Is the protein content very low? It is very finely ground, so does that mean the tiny germ and bran pieces will cut more or less? Is the yeast he’s been using just bad? Or is all of the yeast here uncooperative? What happens if I try to start a sourdough culture? I know they use fermentation process for a lot of their breakfast dishes, like dosas and idly. (Soaked rice and daal, ground up, set to ferment overnight, and then cooked in the morning. Definitely want to learn that, too.) Looking forward to playing.

I’ve also been brought in by some other introvert yogis (who are unfortunately leaving in the next week or so) for poolside fun and rooftop yoga play, along with meals and general hang out time. It’s been very helpful and fun! They’re good peoples. (If you follow me on IG @fullybakedyoga, you’ve seen some of the fun we’ve had!)

Human flag and flagpole with @mariebellepr, new Mysore friend!

Human flag and flagpole with @mariebellepr, new Mysore friend!

Big news for the future: I made announcements on IG and FB for my Summer road trip and the Yoga Teacher Training in Wooster in July that I will be helping to teach! I’m really excited for both. If you think you might want me to teach yoga in your town or city when I drive somewhere near it, message me and lets see if we can figure something out!

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