Eight Weeks in Mysore

Wow, February has just FLOWN by. Felt so much faster than January. Thank goodness we get an extra day in it this year!

This week began with a full moon moonday on Monday. It was a nice extra day off. I’m definitely feeling the practice. It’s a lot on the body, especially when coupled with extra acro and hand balance work. Woof. For the Full Moon, I joined a few others for a Native American ceremony to help set intentions. We lit lamps to each of the cardinal directions and the spirits and meanings of each. It was different, but good for me. Putting words to your intentions are very helpful, however you go about it.

Acro practice is going well with friends I’ve made through Anokhi’s and elsewhere around Gokulam. I’ve been working on the Ninja Roll with one of my Anokhi co-workers who is surprisingly light for his 6’2” frame. He has a core control and we’ve almost got a full smooth circuit completed. Cartwheel into a straddle bat, lift up into a side plank, turn into a reverse bird, turn to side plank on the other side, release back down to straddle bat, and then cartwheel out or repeat. Probably doesn’t make sense with those words, but hopefully I’ll have a video to share one day.

Hand balance practice has also picked up this week quite a bit with a new challenge on Instagram from some Cirque performers and other hand balance artists and enthusiasts. Each day a group posts three levels of an inversion flow, Cirque, Advanced, and Intermediate. The Cirque flow seems to typically involve a single arm balance so far, the Advanced, just on two, and the Intermediate might have some extra support, like a wall, or in headstand for some of the time. Each day is new, it is very challenging, and extremely fun!

Nothing too wild happened through the middle of the week, but Friday/Saturday brought some excitement. After work on Friday at Anokhi’s, a few of us hung around for baking fun. I made banana bread and bagels, and others made salad, hummus, and a traditional German cake with a vegan twist. The bagels came out a little disappointing compared to what I was making back west, but hot and with the hummus they were bomb. The vegan cake came out tasty, while a little under cooked, but the part of it that really shown was the banana and coconut oil frosting! Sooooo good. But I was very very happy with the banana bread. I used a mix of wheat and ragi flour, with sugar, jaggery, nutmeg, cinnamon, baking powder and soda, and salt as the dry mix, then added honey and coconut milk and folded in the mashed banana. Delicious! All I’ve got to do to keep it vegan next time is substitute date syrup or something like that for the honey (I’d love to use maple syrup, but there isn’t a whole heck of a lot of that around here…). It was a great dinner!

And today starred a fun trip to Regalis, one of the pools in the area. We acro’d, swam, stacked people in the pool, tried a little Janzu water massage, and just hung out! Good times.

Led series tomorrow and a whole new week ahead!

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