Nine Weeks in Mysore

Feels like it’s been a big week! So much change has happened. February’s meant the end of a lot of people’s time at the KPJAYI for this year. A big population shift. I have new roommates now, a guy from Poland and a girl (who turns out to be Instagram famous) originally from the New Jersey and, but who now lives and teaches in Dubai. Both lovely people, but very different from each other. I think it’ll be a good month!

Feeling better each day in my practice as my legs loosen up with foam rolling regularly and some extra stretching. Getting Marichyasana D back into the practice and Padmasana variations are coming back.

Even better, some new Monkeys have shown up to Mysore and have shown up to play with acro peeps. And they’re really skilled and dedicated praticioners! And so much fun to play with! So much fun! Getting to fly and base with these folks is incredible. She is from north French Canada, he is from Israel. Both strong and light and effectively communicators. Basing for her, I’ve managed the ninja roll, four step, croc, and more that has seemed so much more difficult before. Mysore magic? We’ve played in the park and at the pool, and I look forward to getting some of these moves filmed once we get really solid. Then I will be sure to share!

I’ve made a baking opportunity for myself at Anokhi’s. This week I made Vegan Wholegrain Banana Nut Muffins to sell while they’re open and I get the profits! Super exciting. They went over really well. For this coming week I’m thinking of making Ginger Pumpkin bread or muffins. I have to experiment with the pumpkins that are available here, though, because I don’t know how they will respond to the typical process I use to turn pumpkin into puree. Luckily, Tuesday is a moonday, so I think I will be able to play then. Hope it goes well! I have high hopes.

Big week, but I don’t have a ton to write. Oh well. Hope your March is starting well!

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