Ten weeks in Mysore

Another good week in Mysore! I feel very rested because we had a moon day this week, on Tuesday. Two days off in a week just seems like a lot now, although, it is really beneficial and important. Five days of deep backbending in a row really show, but getting that extra day off makes it darn enjoyable.

Other bits of interest from the week… let’s see. On the Tuesday moon day, I experimented with pumpkin ginger bread, and it was really tasty! For better or worse, I decided to add more pumpkin for the weekend variation for sale and I added a bit too much. Came out more like a very dense pumpkin pie on the inside – still delicious, but very dense and not much like bread. And it sold well today. I’m thinking of a triple chocolate banana bread for this next weekend. And the yogis do seem to like their chocolate around here.

Sanskrit level three is getting pretty ridiculous. Lakshmish has translating paragraph long stories between English and Sanskrit, which is particularly challenging because we don’t have a terribly complete dictionary between the two languages. This means searching for decent approximations going from English to Sanskrit. But not that we’re going the other way (and don’t have a Sanskrit to English dictionary, only the other way) I’m not sure how it will go. Certainly a challenge. Fortunately, we get to work in groups, which makes it less frustrating. He also has experimental tests planned for us, I guess lessons to help him teach better as he continues, which is reassuring in the long run.

On Friday night, after making my pumpkin bread and going to Sanskrit class, I joined up with some of the other Anokhi work exchange peeps for a street food tour around Gokulam. Started with Gobi Manchurian and Vada from one of the local guys who cooks at Anokhi’s but also has a food stand he runs at night. Some of our group also got dosas from the adjacent stand, which were quite tasty. Then we got samosas from the samosa man. After that, we found a stand preparing dahi panipuri and got ourselves some. Finally, we made it all of the way to the end of Temple road for some gelato. Thank goodness for all of the walking! It was a great, although late, night.

Oooh! Plans for the Yoga Teacher Training I’ll be helping to lead in Wooster in July are coming together. So a bit of my energy is going towards that now. Focusing on Anatomy, Pranayama, and some other bits and pieces.

Hope you’re having a great March!

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