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On the Road: Week One

It’s only been week and so much has happened that I feel like I have been going forever! Haha. Fortunately, it’s all great! 😀 Part I: The In-between time. After returning from abroad, I was home in Baltimore for a … Continue reading

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And I’m Back

Traveled halfway around the world again this week to bring myself back to the USA. But lets go back to the beginning of the week. Sunday was another delightful, relaxing day in Chiang Mai. Mostly spent getting food that might … Continue reading

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Totally did not miss another week…

Well, the holiday season has finally come to a close and things are calmer again. Which is nice. Last year, I made turkey stock from some carcasses that the butcher had left over, and it made a lot of stock … Continue reading

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Fall OE: Week 5

I am way too jazzed on life right now to sit down and write a long blog entry. Driving by myself for 17 of the past 35 hours just makes me want to be around camp people, but I’ll do … Continue reading

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Mountains, Literal and Figurative

So a few things have happened since the last time I posted, adventures are always going on. First off, I’ve been crazy lazy for the past couple weeks, not exercising like I know I need to. Finally made it up … Continue reading

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Survival among chaos

Probably an overly dramatic title, but it fits the situation. Last night there was a huge, unexpected thunderstorm in my area. We were prepared for a full weekend of sweltering, humid heat, but then this storm came up out of … Continue reading

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Adventure Buddies

No, not the next in the line of Air Bud spin-off movies with puppies, but the people that you go on adventures with. There are lots of different ways to go on adventures, but it has been my experience that … Continue reading

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It is the real reason I enjoy life. Not just eating it, but that part is awesome, but making it is really satisfying. Today I made some Pain de Campagne (country bread) in two baguettes and an epi loaf, which … Continue reading

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